Your custom banner is the first impression that someone sees. 
I will work with your pictures,extracting an object out of a picture and inserting it into a new background frame.I can make frames to go around your pictures, that match the colors of your web site, 
erase backgrounds and combine photos, for that creative twist.
I will build you a site that fits your business needs and personality.
I guarantee that you will be happy with my work. I offer professional, reliable web site design.   
I can design a more elaborate web site for $500.00 and up

If you have your own web site, I can customize it with your own banner for $100.00. 
If you are selling something ,you need a web site  because if you don't have one, you are loosing  potential sales.  Today people  want instant gratification, they want it "now"  and they will pay right now, using your PayPal account, that I can help you set up also.

E - mail me for more information  AND LETS GET STARTED TODAY !
My e-mail address is  just click on the link.

    Most successful breeders have a web site and this provides a quick and easy way for a potential customer to view your animals. Half the battle is to get a customers attention and with a well designed web site, your ahead of your competition. I will design a custom web site. A nice extra feature is setting up an e-mail banner like each one above, these little 
e-mail banners are a extra edge, You can insert e banner into your return e-mail and all a person has to do is click onto it to get to your web site. Having your own custom e banner is a visual image, that's a big plus. They will want to save you on their favorites. It's just one click away for them to get on your web site. It's a nice touch. One important thing about not having a web site is, every time someone inquires about your animals you have to repeat the same information about them, how many, what sex they are, the sire, the dam, the pedigrees, health guarantee, the directions to your home, and so on. It can be so repetitious. So having your own web site will save you valuable time. 
When people call, or e-mail you, all you have to do is tell them to go onto your web site, all the information they want to know is on the site. It saves so much time and energy plus you can have your PayPal on your web site, so they can make a deposit on the dog or horse of their choice. Instantaneous, visual and right now, that's the time that we live in now. Most people want it and want it now and so if you don't have your presentation ready, they will go elsewhere, and that's  lost sales.
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Why Should I pay for a host when there are lots of free web servers available?
Free servers must exist by advertising. They place pop up ads, banners or bars on your site. To do this they must insert javascripts into your html coding. This makes it very difficult for the search engine robots to index your site. Free servers are not as fast, efficient or reliable. Visitors to your site may find the advertising annoying and a distraction.Your web site is a reflection of your business and the web site image you present is very important.I will work closely with you to create a professional image that will enhance your business. 
Professional Graphite Web Site Designer
To view clients web sites click onto the picture, then click Link. 

Web Site Design - Starting at  $500.00 and up depending on the content that will be on your site.
One Page Web Site - $300.00
Also available ~ Domain name registration - $25.00 per year
Web Site hosting 
Web Site maintenance 
Available ~ Graphic Design ~ Banner design ~ Business Cards ~ and you can place your web site address on your business cards, to enhance your image.
The following is a description of the services included in this package.
1. Layout and graphics for up to an eight (8) page site, with your Custom Banner.
Your own e-mail account
(example: Welcome Home Page, For Sale page, About us page,
Contact Us page, Guest Book, Photo Gallery,  ect.
I can even set up a page for your( Pal Pay account ). Clients can make a payment or deposit right from your web site.
Additional pages can be added for a one time set up fee of $25.00 per page,
after the 8 pages included with your web site.
After the web site is completed, if I need to update with photos and make changes, there will be an extra charge, for example, delete photos, replace with new photos and making new improvements. $25.00 an hour, most of the time I can make the changes within one hour.
Photo scanning and any photo retouching (Cropping and resizing) as
needed are included.
2. Promoting your site: includes submission to major search engines
( Yahoo,Google,Bing ) keyword and meta tag name optimization. 
This assures your site comes up when people search for your services.
3. Domain Name Setup ~ Choose an Internet address (
Web Site Hosting for One Year ~ Your web site needs to be stored 
with a server which will make it accessible to the Internet. 
This is part of any web site, total charge for one year $25.00
I will create that visual first impression.
Creating an image for yourself is the most
important and yet difficult task for any one to do.You need a quick loading and easy to navigate site. Potential customers decide in just the first few seconds whether to leave a web site, based just on it's appearance.You must capture a potential customer's attention instantly. 
I will work with you to help identify and create your unique image.
If you need just a custom banner,on your opening page, prices start at $100.00
You never get a second chance to make a first Impression.
Specializing in a 100% original web site design with logo and ad design. 
Take a moment to view some of my clients sites.

For Dogs, Cats and Horses & Other Business

I can also design a  1 page site 
with a custom page banner. 
      With your ( ) 
Priced at $300.00 

For a more elaborate site for    $500.00 and up
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